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Re: SH Linux: remove big endian multilib

NIIBE Yutaka writes:
 > Alexandre Oliva wrote:
 >  > That's the default target and endianness of sh-linux-gnu, indeed.  But
 >  > will also attempt to build a number of other multilibs, and fail at
 >  > that because it won't be able to create for any of them
 >  > unless the builder has previously set up a multilibbed glibc
 >  > environment.
 > May I clarify this description?
 > ---------
 > For Linux, to build entire GCC, builder needs GNU C library properly
 > installed previously.
 > In the case of sh-linux-gnu, GNU C library needs to be installed as
 > multilibbed environment.

To clarify:

This is not a clarification, it is your opinion.  It is an opinion
with which many disagree.  

It is my opinion, and that of others, that sh-linux-gnu-gcc should not
require a multilibbed glibc to be installed.  This has been repeated
many times, by myself and by others.

 > It seems that a builder installs sh3-linux-gnu GNU C library (only)
 > and try to build entire sh-linux-gnu GCC.  Do we really support
 > such a funny way of building GCC?  Why not it's sh3-linux-gnu
 > target, then?  I understand we have troubles in this situation, but
 > it's because a builder does wrong thing.
 > Andrew, could you please explain the situation?  Do you success to
 > build sh3-linux-gnu GCC with sh3-linux-gnu glibc?

I have built the compiler by removing some of the multilibs.  I think
I already said that.


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