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Re: Problems loading gcc-compiled Qt/OpenGL program under IRIX


Markus SvensÚn wrote:
> I've checked other Qt/OpenGL programs that work, and there the loading
> process instead continues as follows:
> 2706057: 12:14:24 example: call_init: calling initialization code of
> "example" -- 0x10013568 base aout marrk 1
> 2706057: 12:14:24 example: execute_all_init_sections: finished running
> inits
> 2706057: 12:14:24 example: dlopening -------- mode 0x1 version
> (null) l_flags 0x0 category 0x1 LIBDL_DLOPEN
> 2706057: 12:14:24 example: reference_count for /usr/lib32/ is 1
> category 1
> 2706057: 12:14:24 example: do_dlopen_dependencies ref count for  ...
> I've been trying various compilation and loading flags, but this has
> only resulted in different error messages before the core dump.
> Any ideas, anyone?


I had the same problem: my application dumped core, before even entering
main. This is a problem between the GNU C++ Standard Library and the one
built by SGI. libGLU is linked against libC; this causes a core dump of
all applications linked against GLU and GNU iostreams. Searching the GCC
mailing lists I found this:

AFAIR you have three options:
- use the SGI Compiler; I'm using some GNU extensions, so this was not
an option.
- avoid GLU; for obvious reasons, this wasn't an option either.
- avoid GNU iostreams; that's what I did. I used iostreams only for
debugging output, so this was the easiest way to go. 


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