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Problems loading gcc-compiled Qt/OpenGL program under IRIX


I'm working on the development of a Qt/OpenGL software, primarily
intended for Linux, but with some hopes also for an Irix-port.

On Linux, it works fine, but on Irix it core dumps, giving various
excuses such as segmentation fault, illegal instruction ... In both
cases I'm using gcc 2.95.2. Since not a single instruction of my code
appears to be executed I've been trying to trace the loading process.

It gets to the point where rld.debug says:

2759976: 09:09:53 vm: call_init: calling initialization code of "vm" --
0x100a6f38 base aout marrk 1
2759976: 09:09:53 vm: execute_all_init_sections: finished running inits
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I've checked other Qt/OpenGL programs that work, and there the loading
process instead continues as follows:

2706057: 12:14:24 example: call_init: calling initialization code of
"example" -- 0x10013568 base aout marrk 1
2706057: 12:14:24 example: execute_all_init_sections: finished running
2706057: 12:14:24 example: dlopening -------- mode 0x1 version
(null) l_flags 0x0 category 0x1 LIBDL_DLOPEN
2706057: 12:14:24 example: reference_count for /usr/lib32/ is 1
category 1
2706057: 12:14:24 example: do_dlopen_dependencies ref count for  ...

I've been trying various compilation and loading flags, but this has
only resulted in different error messages before the core dump.

Any ideas, anyone?


Markus Svensen

Max-Planck-Institute            Email:
  of Cognitive Neuroscience     Phone: +49/0-341-9940 229
Postfach 500 355                Fax (not personal):
D-04303 LEIPZIG                        +49/0-341-9940 221

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