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Re: SH Linux: remove big endian multilib

On 05-Aug-2001, M. R. Brown <> wrote:
> * NIIBE Yutaka <> on Sun, Aug 05, 2001:
> > 
> > I agree with this more or less.  Using specified one is better and
> > simple.  But the definition of sh-unknown-linux-gnu is supporting four
> > targets.
> According to the people here, sh-unknown-linux-gnu specifies sh3,
> little-endian.  You're the only person I've seen that says it represents
> something else.

Doesn't sh3-linux-gnu also specify sh3 little-endian?
If so, what's the point in having two configuration names
for the same configuration?

Even if sh-unknown-linux-gnu previously meant sh3 little-endian,
wouldn't it be more useful to do as NIIBE Yutaka has suggested,
and make sh-unknown-linux-gnu be the multilibbed configuration,
even if that requires installing libc multiple times?


	- this should be well documented

	- config.guess should never guess sh-unknown-linux-gnu
	  (I don't know if it does currently)
	- if you try to configure with sh-unknown-linux-gnu,
	  it would be nice if configure would check that you have all
	  four versions of libc are installed, and report a nice error
	  message if you don't, rather than just leaving you to get an
	  obscure error message in the middle of the build.

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The University of Melbourne         |  of excellence is a lethal habit"
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