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Re: SH Linux: remove big endian multilib

NIIBE Yutaka wrote:
> Andrew Haley wrote:
>  > On SH Linux glibc isn't multilibbed, so it make no sense at all to try
>  > to build big endian multilibs.  There's no way that it's possible to
>  > build them because there's no big endian or or
>  > crt1.o to link against.
> I think that the target "sh-unknown-linux-gnu" supports all of SH-3,
> SH-3 Big endian, SH-4 and SH-4 big endian, while
>         "sh3-unknown-linux-gnu"
>         "sh3eb-unknown-linux-gnu"
>         "sh4-unknown-linux-gnu"
>         "sh4eb-unknown-linux-gnu"
> just supports corresponding one target (no multilib).
> So, I don't think your patch is correct approach.  In the first place,
> why do we need glibc to build GCC?  At least, building GNU C compiler
> should be able to be done with no glibc (to bootstrap).

Bootstrap compilers can be built without glibc, but a usable
cross compiler needs glibc.  Since glibc is not multilibed (and there
would be no reason that this would be an useful) you can only build for
a single architecture.
> If you don't have glibc with big endian (or other targets), you can
> build it.  Yes, it is not (yet) multilibbed, but it supports all of
> those four targets: "sh3-unknown-linux-gnu",
> "sh3eb-unknown-linux-gnu", "sh4-unknown-linux-gnu", and
> "sh4eb-unknown-linux-gnu".  So, it's just your installation problem,
> isn't it?

I see no value in multilib gcc for Linux systems.  You either have a
big-endian or little-endian target, with glibc built for that target.

We have a patch in our gcc-sh build to build for a single, specified
architecture, without the unnecessary complexities of multilib.

I'm all in favor of removing multilib for sh-linux.

Michael Eager	408-328-8426	
MontaVista Software, Inc. 1237 E. Arques Ave., Sunnyvale, CA  94085

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