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Re: Email Archive Search Mystery

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Jeffrey Oldham wrote:
> Kaveh Ghazi's change to libU77/ is described in
>  Since I knew
> he changed the code in Jul, I went to the gcc-patches archive for
> 2001Jul and searched in this time period.  Searches (all words) for
> 	libU77 configure	  fails
> 	libU77	  fails
> 	libu77 configure	  fails
> 	libu77	  fails
> 	libu77/	  succeeds
> 	libu77/configure	  succeeds
> The email message's first line is
>         The recent change to libU77/ to always define
> so all these queries should match.  What's happening?

All these boil down to two different phrases, as words are
case-insensitive and the "." is a delimiter that splits off the
"in" which is dropped because it's too short (and a common

So the different phrases are "libu77 configure" and
"libu77/configure", and that difference is because the htdig
configuration says:
 extra_word_characters: _/
which as you might imagine, adds those two characters to the
characters that make up a search-word.

The underscore is there so you can search for variable names.
I did some archeology but I couldn't find why slash was added to
be considered part of a search word.  I've CC:ed overseers to
see if anyone remembers a valid reason.  If none can be found,
I'll remove the slash for the gcc side.  Thanks for reporting

brgds, H-P

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