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Re: C++ compile-time regressions

On Aug  2, 2001, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:

>> But I wonder if the default value of PARAM_MAX_INLINE_INSNS should be
>> a property of the target machine.  Different targets have different
>> INSN densities.  I don't know how much this changes from one target to
>> another in the early rtl stages used for rtl inlining, though...  Does
>> anyone more experienced think it would be worth the trouble?  I could
>> produce a patch to make the default target-modifiable.

> I think we're tackling this from the wrong angle.

I think I wasn't clear.  My suggestion didn't mean to affect compile
time, but rather, to offer a reasonably similar behavior across
multiple targets, in regards to inlining or not inlining functions.
Using the same threshold on targets with very different INSN densities
is deemed to get fewer functions inlined on targets with smaller INSN
densities.  I suppose it would be desirable to inline pretty much the
same functions, regardless of the target.

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