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Re: Compiler for Red Hat Linux 8

Joe Buck wrote:

> David Edelsohn writes:

> >       Even if you do not try to find a way to use the FSF GCC sources as
> > your base, I hope that you will consider the request from numerous corners
> > that the version of GCC included in Red Hat Linux 8 be compatible with FSF
> > GCC releases.
> It was clear to me from Geoff's message that folks at Red Hat are thinking
> about the compatibility issue.
> I wouldn't seek to overconstrain Red Hat; any of several mechanisms with
> respect to branches may be just fine and choosing what's best is the task
> of the developers that do the work.  It would be easiest for all of us in
> the long run, however (including Red Hat folks), if the delta between what
> Red Hat ships and what others have is never too large.  Forking off at
> some point from the 3.0 branch to give a controlled, supportable set of
> code that won't be too far from FSF 3.0.x might be a good way to do that,
> but perhaps a decent ia64 backend needs newer code that is in RH's
> internal tree but not the FSF tree.

Yes, but what I read from Geoff's message just before this one is that
RH's system compiler will most probably be derived from the 3.1 trunk.

5. We would prefer to ship a newer compiler than something off the 3.0
   branch.   By the time that this release goes out, the 3.0 branch
   will be over a year old.  You'll note that RHL 7.2 is not out yet,
   and on the normal schedule RHL 8 will be about six months later.

The problem with that move would be that they make a release branch off
the 3.1 trunk (say within two months), and we have to hope that *we*
won't introduce incompatible changes in the time up to April 15, 2002,
the projected release date for 3.1.

I'm professionally involved with predicting the future, but I tend to
limit it to two days ahead ;-)

[ I agree with Joe's remark about constraining Red Hat - I don't have
  the inclination or the time to micro-manage GNU/Linux distributors ]

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Saturnushof 14, 3738 XG  Maartensdijk, The Netherlands
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