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Re: GCC vs GLIBC: why this stance, Drepper ?!?

On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 04:05:45PM +0000, Graham Murray wrote:
> "H . J . Lu" <> writes:
> > If I told you putting in /usr/local/lib didn't work too
> > well or might override the one in /lib when there is in
> > /lib, would you believe me? It is the same thing as putting a shared
> > libc in /usr/local/lib and expect the machine to work reliably as a
> > complete system.
> Would this be the reason why you would use the --with-slibdir=/lib
> when configuring gcc? 

You should only use --with-slibdir=/lib when you build a system
compiler. But I don't know -if -with-slibdir=/lib works when you
do "make install" since you are installing a system shared library
which may be used by every single binrary on your system. At any
moment, has to be available. I am not sure if gcc is
prepared to deal with that. If not, I would suggest we follow the
way we install in glibc. That is we do

# install /lib/libgcc_s-$version-$
# ln -sf libgcc_s-$version-$ /lib/

We only need to do

# ln -sf ../../lib/ /usr/lib/

one time when you first install the system shared libgcc.


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