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"Fast-Regs" GCC extensions proposal: part #1

"Fast-Regs" GCC extensions proposal: part #1 [missing attachments!]

"xordi3" pattern in arm.md

######## Virus on your site?!?!!? ########

Re: ######## Virus on your site?!?!!? - WAY OFF TOPIC

(f)lex & poisoned malloc / free in system.h


-m32 only ia32 compiler?

-mmmx and -msse are broken

Re: -mmmx and -msse are broken [unreviewed patch attached - 3.0 regression] and STL

20010325-1 vs wide strings

3.0 (20010523) branch fails on HP-UX 11.00

3.0 -finline-limit and c++

3.0 bootstrap failure - gengenrtl dumps core

3.0 bootstrapping error on ultrasparc

3.0 branch bootstrap failure, eh changes likely

3.0 c++ and -finline-limit oddities

3.0 regression: gcov does not work

3.0-pre crashes on i686 code

Re: 3.1: Bootstrap comparison failures on alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu

Re: 32->64 bit cross compilers

[ADMINISTRIVIA] Block html mail here?

[Fortran] Lapack test suite results for i686-pc-linux-gnu

[Fwd: Large Files handling in C++]

Re: [GCC] [ADMINISTRIVIA] Block html mail here?

Re: [I don't think it's off-topic at all] Linking speed for C++

Re: [PATCH] Define __NO_INLINE__ if not inlining (take 2)

[PATCH] rs6000.c ELF bits inclusion

[Q] Dynamic warnings control ?

[RFA]: Remove or disable gcc.c-torture/compile/20001226-1.c

[RFC] -Wid-clash-LEN broken

[RFC] Cleaning and extening the diagnostics machinery

[Slightly OT] Linking speed


__frame_state_for has dissappeared from libgcc



Abnormally large executable with gcc 3.0

ACATS (Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite) legalese

add to mailing list

Adding files for Ada

AIX libstdc++-v3 breakage on gcc-3.0 branch

Alignment in bits or bytes?

Re: alpha -> ppc cross compiler

Alpha 3.0 build failure

Alpha GNU/Linux

Anyone got a tree or RTL corruption bug?

ARM Cross-compiler problem

ARM port bug

Re: ARM PR2237

Re: ARM Thumb byte stores

array delete size mismatch - feature or bug?

Athlon testing progress

atoi vs strtol in rtl.c:read_rtx()

autoconf and automake versions for gcc

Automake and friends and fastjar

Bad libstdc++-v3/config/cpu/i486/bits/atomicity.h [An ia32 LOCK/XADD bug.]

bad link (on http://gcc.gnu.org/install/specific.html#mips*-sgi-irix6)

Bad Page

Bahamas Vacation

Benchmarking theory

Benefit of "-fforce-mem"/"-fforce-addr" options?

big endian on Intel

binutils is released.


Bootstrap failure for AIX on 3.0 branch

Bootstrap failure for AIX on main branch

branch bootstrap failure: exception_support.cc

branch for PCH GC work

brokent link

bug 2871

bug 2914 & scope

Bug found in STL?

bug in cygwin-gcc 2.95.3-1 (compiled with -mno-cygwin)?

Bugs review status?

Build -gcc-2.95

Build problems, cont.d

Building Gcc for Darwin OS on PowerPC computers

Building libstdc++-2.90.7 using gcc-2.95.3 on Redhat Linux 7.1

Building on HEAD broken

Builtins in `std'


Business Proposal.

Re: C Parser Cleanup [Take 2]

Re: C++ and Java CNI: Check Java references

C++ and pedantic-errors for gcc extensions.

Re: C++ Issue on GCC 3.0 branch

Re: C++ PATCH: Fix -O3

Re: C++ ptrmemfun break if FUNCTION_BOUNDARY < 2 * BITS_PER_UNIT

C++ section 11.8 and gcc 2.95.2 versus 3.0

C++ standard Library

c++ using 2.95.2 and -ansi switch

c++/java relocation errors on sparc-sun-solaris2.7 (Re: More info on Java coredump on sparc Solaris)

Re: c++/java relocation errors on sparc-sun-solaris2.7 (Re: Moreinfo on Java coredump on sparc Solaris)

Re: C++: why implicit delete in destructor?

Can't download libstdc++-v3


casesi Pattern

cc: unrecognized option `-qnoro'


Close PR/1068

cmp and bcond patterns in md

codeview support?

Comments with -fpreprocessed

commitinfo script to check policy, issue warnings (and/or abort commit)

Re: commitinfo script to check policy, issue warnings (and/or abortcommit)

Re: commitinfo script to check policy, issue warnings (and/orabort commit)

Common Language Runtime

Company is looking for GNU tool chain developers

compatibility Clarification

compilation failure

Compiling 3.0 branch on HP-UX 10.20

configure option for THUMB?

configuring for THUMB

Configuring STD not to use Exceptions

contrib/gcc_update (was: 3.1 bootstrap failure in libjava)

copyright assignment forms

Copyright Assignment Forms

core file not created

Could somebody help me on function pointer?

CPP pdf or ps manual

Cpplib document: Macro Expansion algorithm

Re: CPROP and spec2000 slowdown in mid february

crashes building on Darwin using GCC trunk

Cray T3E port


criteria.html open issues

current_funcdef_number vs. except.c

CVS gcc-3_0-branch libjava timing out, exception in thread "main"

Re: CVS gcc-3_0-branch libjava timing out, exception inthread "main"

CVS mainline cp/spew.c failing to build

CVS mainline gcov failing to build


Defining __powerpc__ in rs6000.h

Re: dlopen() under AIX with gcc/g++

Re: Documentation generation patch [Take 2]

Documentation Help Request (was: GCC 3.0 Status Report)

documentation in PDF format proposal

documentation of trees vs RTL

downloadable manual (is there one?)

dwarf2 and clones (was Re: What to do, what to do)

DWARF2 Regression

egcs vs. gcc

EH merge

ELF prelinking (was: Linking speed for C++)

Eliminating POTFILES, etc - can we lose catgets support?


error on web page

Re: exceptions in a coroutine enviroment

Re: Exploring the option to submit the CR16 compiler sourcecode to GNU

Re: Exploring the option to submit the CR16 compiler sourcecode toGNU

Re: Exploring the option to submit the CR16 compilersourcecodeto GNU

Extra const int constraint letters?

fastjar binary renamed to jar

fdl.texi missing

Feedback and Suggestions on GCC

Finding Aliasing Bugs

Finding out what calls who...

finding strict aliasing problems

First bug found :-)

fortran 77 compiler for pc window me

fortran compiler for pc with window me

Frame Allocation !!!

Free Palm Pilot

Re: g77 Build Problems

GC development


gcc & g4 processor?

gcc + Windows + general questions

gcc 2.95.2

gcc 2.95.2 on hpux 11

gcc 2.96 reports in GNATS

gcc 3.0 and Bison Version

gcc 3.0 branch bootstrap fails on hpux 11.00

gcc 3.0 C++ STL

GCC 3.0 Fortran Status - PR 2782

GCC 3.0 Prereleases

GCC 3.0 Status - Fortran.

GCC 3.0 Status Report

gcc and intel ia64

GCC and Solaris 8

gcc build on alphaev5-dec-osf4.0g

gcc compiler and static arrays.

GCC developers and standards development

GCC for Motorola's processor?

gcc for Sun Solaris 64 bit

GCC IA-64 Summit

GCC Installation problems!!!

gcc on Mac OS X

GCC on PC Windows 95 Platform

GCC problem

gcc support for AVR

gcc version 3.1 20010515 still segfaults on blitz

GCC vs. `make' on Solaris

GCC-2.95.3 optimisation: constant copied to registers

Re: gcc-3.0 pre and mem_fun()

gcc-3_0-branch, libc6 2.2.3-5(Debian) fails to build libjava

gcc-ss-20010507 is now available

gcc-ss-20010514 bootstrap failure on ia64

gcc-ss-20010514 is now available

gcc-ss-20010521 build dies on SCO Openserver 5.0.4

gcc-ss-20010521 is now available

gcc-ss-20010528 is now available

Re: gcc.c-torture/execute/longlong.c


gcc/f/malloc.h and HP-UX 10.20



gcc_update bug

gccbug and *.ii files

GCJ complier

gensimplify can now generate tree simplifications as well

Getting Development Version of gcc

Global static variables

GNATS - I give up

Re: GNATS documentation

Gnu C/C++ and Aix

Gnu C/C++ and AIX

Re: Gnu C/C++ and Aix

GNU Pascal integration status (was Re: Adding files for Ada)

gzip performance test

HEADS UP: wwwdocs/htdocs/install removed

Hello everyone

help for ccppc

help me !!


heres those pictures i promised

Hexadecimal floats

Re: Historical query - time.h, sys/time.h

How bad is fast-math?

How hard would it be to BORG the fixproto stuff?

How to build 32bit standed alone exe file?

how to change register allocation order

how to detect out of disk space

How to handle linker options beginning with -f?

How to make the address of varients are assigned immediately in the memory?

How to test libstdc++-v3

How would *you* use an intern?

HP-UX 10.20, exceptions, shared libs

hppa1.1-hp-hpux11.00 build FAILED

I need help for changing the java driver (gcj and libs with a main())

I'm missing something obvious...

i386 LIBGCC1

ia64 bootstrap failures

ICE gcc-3_0-branch in java code 1 May 2001

Identical? i386.md patterns for TARGET_64BIT and not


Info needed

Inheritance Problem

Inlining of vararg functions

Inquiry: When do we think GCC 3.0 might be completely ready?


installation error

Installation problem on Sun Solaris 2.7

installing GCC

installing GCC (success?)

Installing GCC on Solaris without existing compiler - reprise

Re: Installing GCC: Final installation

invoking gcc multiple times in the same process

Is GCC installed?

Is it possible to generate unique goto labels with preprocessor?

is subreg with subreg_byte outside source valid?

Is this code really unused?

Java exceptions on IA64

just to say hi........

Re: Kahan's Floating Point Test

Kahan's Floating Point Test "Paranoia"

Large Files in C++

libffi "configure: warning: This is beta code."

libjava build failure on branch for sparc-sun-solaris2.7

Re: Libjava craziness

libjava gcc-3_0-branch, klass timing out in testsuite again


libobjc build problem

libstdc++ change breaks simple code

libstdc++ question


libtool: link order problem affecting gij

Re: Limited success with 3.0 branch on AIX

Link error (__gxx_personality_v0) during libstdc++-v3/configure

Linux 2.4.4-ac3, asm problem in asm-i386/rwsem.h using gcc 3.0 CVS

Linux ia64.h

List of simplifications we should perform

lt-gctest hangs on some Linux/x86 systems


Mahh braainn huhts! (libstdc++-v3 vs Darwin)

Mailing list mixup [was: Foo]

Re: Major revision of CPP manual - draft available for comment

make install error with current gcc-3_0-branch


Manual indexes


massive money give away

memory to memory optimization

Merging simplify-rtx, fold_rtx

migrating libraries

mirroring ?

Mistaken commit

More Athlon Questions

More on autogen 5 build failure

The most unpopular suggestion ever (was Re: SPARC, register renaming, __builtin_return_address)

Re: The most unpopular suggestion ever (was Re: SPARC, registerrenaming, __builtin_return_address)

Multiple jumps in one instruction

a must read

My last message

Re: naming problem: ix86-pc-linux-gnulibc1 / ix86-pc-linux-gnulibc2 / ix86-pc-linux-gnu

naming problem: ix86-pc-linux-gnulibc1 / ix86-pc-linux-gnulibc2 / ix86-pc-linux-gnu

need help debugging

Need to doenload C compiler

News From Troon Golf

Next autogen 5 build failure

NeXT not supported?

Objective C features manual

OFFSET_IMM8 relocation error

P4 support question (-> FAQ?)

PATCH for Re: bad link (on http://gcc.gnu.org/install/specific.html#mips*-sgi-irix6)

PATCH for Re: contrib/gcc_update

Patches pending review

Re: Patches waiting for review/testing

peephole vs. scheduler

Pending patch

pic code generation

Re: Policy proposal - CPP_PREDEFINES

porting GCC on a new OS

PowerPC Floating Point compare bug?

PR 2702

PR 2721 duplicate

PR 2765

PR 2875, regression with -fPIC?


Pre-compiled GCC

Primary hpux platform


Problem building latest tree on alpha

Problem building libstdc++-v3 on Alpha

problem using GCOV

Problem with gcc 2.95.3 under HP-UX - missing asm directive

problem with virtual functions

Problems with CVS servers today?

proper way to include gcc/config/<arch>/<arch>.h ?


Q) compile option( -fpack-struct ) not applied

Q) link error of template class


Querry.-- 2/5/01




Question about <limits>

random number?

random thought re GC allocator

reading command line arguments from a file

Re: Reapply patch lost during recent "blind import" of libtool

Re: Reapply patch lost during recent "blind import" oflibtool

redirecting g77 compiler output to file, under DOS

register variables

Release of intel C/C++ compiler [ beta] for Linux

Remaining content of x-fragments

Reporting bootstrap failures


RFA: check_dbra_loop

RFA: Examine PR2758

RFA: non-const libcalls

RFC -- More problems with disappearing labels

RFC: additions to the machine-definition language

run-time function call tree displayer

Several new ix86 regressions in mainline?

Severe problems runnning the g++ test suite on the 3.0 branch

Shared library initializers

shared library initializers - more info needed

shared libstdc++ and static libgcc

Should PR2183 be closed?

size of derived classes - misfeature of gcc?

Slowness when configuring libstdc++-v3

some help

Some optimization thoughts (and thanks!)

some problem of virtual function.

sparc inlining-sibcall crash (regression from 2.95.2)

SPARC, register renaming, __builtin_return_address


SPEC95 performance comparison: 2.95.3 vs 3.0-20010525

SPECFP95 comparison: 2.95.3 vs 3.0-20010525 on SPARC

Re: Specifying command line arguments in a file?

specs file question

SSA value numbering doing better than GCSE?

standard libraries

standards for include guards?

Status of PINE compilation on Solaris bug?

stepanov on i686-pc-linux-gnu

stepanov on sparc; sparc backend scheduling issues

Still hard, was: g77 Build Problems

Stray reference to reload_reg_class etc?


Successfull gcc 2.95.3 build on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

Suggested addition to documentation

Support for Solaris 7 / 64bit kernel ?

surprising? register allocator performance in gcc 2.95.3

Switch question

symbol table question

tcl error while checking libstdc++-v3

template bug

Template specialization problem

Re: Test Drive

Text with unspecified "next release" in install.texi

Too hard, was: g77 Build Problems


translation does not work


Re: Trivial question

Troubling bootstrap information

Re: tweaks for autoconf 2.50

Undefined "_eprintf"

undefined reference to `std::strchr(char const*, int)'

Undefined symbols when declaring ones own allocator.

An unexpected warning (trigraph)

Unwanted error for long charconsts?

unwind-dw2-fde.c change breaks AIX

unwind-dw2.c: 2 new branch build failures overnight.




V3 PATCH: #undef abs (was Re: libstdc++ change breaks simple code)

v3 template errors

V3 vs. AIX

Versioning V3 headers

virtual-incoming-args meaning

visual studio compatibility

Volunteering for GCC 3.0 testing

warning: unknown escape sequence

We all want to be better parents.....don't we???

Well...Here it is!!!!!

What do the .gnu.linkonce.* sections contain ?

where about manual in window hlp format

Which automake for libjava?

Why is GCC using DI register?

Why strcpy and not strtod [2]?

Why strcpy and not strtod?

worlds best porn site

Wrong dynamic-linker used on Solaris 7/x86

wstring implementation problem

Yet another autogen 5 build error

Your website?



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