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Re: [RFC] Cleaning and extening the diagnostics machinery

Phil Edwards <> writes:

| On Thu, May 31, 2001 at 07:12:00PM +0100, Neil Booth wrote:
| > Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:-
| > > In the long term, for C++ at least, I'd like highlighting support and
| > > better formatting logic.
| > 
| > What do you mean here?  Just curious.
| I can't speak for Gaby, but...

You get it right.
| Like that one message I linked to... a lot of tools and editors assume that
| output from gcc is going to be of the form file:line:text, and that will
| probably have to remain the default until the end of time.

Unfortinately an d that sucks :-(

| ...  But I'd like some
| (short!) command-line option to turn on pretty-printing of, say, templates:
|     template < T [with T=int],
|                U [with ....],
|                template < Q [with...] >
|              >
| or something.  Anything.

I've been thinking about all these possibilities, including showing
the diagnotic location in the middle of the diagnostics (making the
whole message more readable) but one can get quickly very far, but
with no concrete way to satisfy everbody :-(

-- Gaby

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