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Re: gcc and intel ia64

In article <> you write:
>In some tests, we found a quite bad performance of gcc binaries under
>Linux, compared with binaries compiled by the SGI Pro64 C compiler. From
>a look into the generated assembler code, it seems that gcc
>(gnupro-2.96-001117p2, included in the TurboLinux distribution) does not
>support the advanced features of this processor. Is there any work in
>progress for a better support of the ia64 architecture?

The compiler you are using is a year old already.  It was based on a June
2000 gcc snapshot.  Quite a bit of gcc tuning and optimization work has been
done since then.  If you try the gcc-3 pre-release, you should get much better
results.  We don't support all IA-64 architecture features yet, but we do
support more of them now.  If you do find obvious performance problems with
gcc with the newer compiler, then we would certainly be interested in hearing
about them.

IA-64 optimization work is continuing of course, and will likely continue
for decades, just as it has for the IA-32 architecture.   There is a group of
people getting together soon to discuss current and future IA-64 gcc work.
See <>.

Since most gcc work is done by volunteers, and few gcc volunteers have access
to IA-64 hardware yet, it will be a while before gcc will be able to
challenge the best proprietary compilers at the highest optimization levels.


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