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Re: gcc/INSTALL?

On Tue, 29 May 2001, Laurent Guerby wrote:

> >From the CVS HEAD gcc/README:
> > See the file gcc.texi (together with other files that it includes) for
> > installation and porting information.  The file INSTALL contains a
> > copy of the installation information, as plain ASCII.
> I'm unable find the INSTALL file in CVS, or a Makefile target to build
> it. Am I missing something?

INSTALL was a plain text version of the old installation manual
(gcc/install.texi); I missed this reference when removing INSTALL and

> I would suggest to add a reference to the GCC web site in the README.

I'd suggest the other way round - making the README solely point to the
other manuals.  Actually, I'd suggest making gcc/README go away, and 
making the toplevel README be GCC-specific - since this is a GCC 
distribution, we shouldn't confuse the user by suggesting that it might be 
a gdb distribution (say) instead, and shouldn't waste their time by making 
the most obvious README just indirect to another one.

The toplevel INSTALL directory also needs to go away.

Joseph S. Myers

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