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v3 template errors


i am having some trouble getting templates to link using g++ v3. the 
attached file contains simple, general case examples which illustraight 
the errors in question.

to examine the examples unzip the attachment using gzip and then untar 
it using tar.

gzip -d v3template-error.tar.gz

and then...

tar -xvf v3template-error.tar

this will create a directory called V3TemplateError and three 
subdirectories called SomeApp, Stroustrup and TemplateLib along with a 
README file.

TemplateLib contains the ingredients for making a c++ template link 
target which compiles and links under IRIX 6.2 but does not under g++ 
v3. SomeApp contains the stuff to make a simple general case application 
which attempts to link with the template class in TemplateLib. 
Stroustrup contains examples taken from the "C++ PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE 
SECOND EDITION" which attempts to compile and link with a template 
object located in the same directory.

do not hesitate to contact me with furthur questions at the above email 
address if my explanation in the README file is insufficient.




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