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Manual indexes

How should command line options be indexed in the GCC manual?  (At present 
most aren't.)  Obvious possibilities include:

* In the main index, under `-'.

* In the main index, with the initial `-' or `--' removed.  (It might be
preferable to include them in normal alphabetical order, with the `-' or
`--' present but ignored in the ordering, but I don't see support in
Texinfo for doing this.)

* In a separate index of options, with the initial `-' or `--' removed.

* In a separate index of options, but also in the main index for any
mentions in the manual other than in the main option list.  (Clearly, any
separate index of options does need to mention all places the option is
discussed, not just the main place it is defined.)

To what extent should GCC's diagnostic messages be indexed?  A case that
was mentioned before was "missing white space after number", where the
problem involved is discussed in the manual, but the index entries are
"preprocessing tokens" and "preprocessing numbers", not the text of the
diagnostic.  If the texts of diagnostics are indexed, should they be in
the main index or a separate index?

Joseph S. Myers

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