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Re: some problem of virtual function.

On Sat, May 26, 2001 at 02:07:26PM +0800, jacky wrote:
> i have compiled the programe with 2.96, it work well.
> so i am sure that the sources code are right.

Well, I can't think of the top of my head what this is.
You might want to file a Problem Report, please read

It would help if you coudl made your program as small
as possible in advance; that takes some time (perhaps
a few hours) but otherwise someone else has to do
that :*).

Personally I use the following approach:

1) I dump *everything* in one huge file (no #include
   anymore except for standard header files).
2) Test if it still shows the same bug (it should of
   course: you didn't change much).
2) I make a backup of that file.
3) I edit the file and remove parts that I think
   are not relevant.  Obviously, the program doesn't
   have to make sense anymore (i.e. you can just
   remove the complete content of a function and have
   it return '0' all the time).
4) Test if it still shows the same bug; if not copy
   back the backup and try again (goto 3).  Otherwise,
   goto 2.

Using this approach also makes pretty sure you will find
it when it is NOT a bug, but in fact your own fault.

Carlo Wood <>

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