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Re: how to change register allocation order

hi, Oliva:

    But in the machine description files, there are only four classes of
regs. NO_REGS, GENERAL_REGS,FPU_REGS and ALL_REGS. It's strange why the
MACRO REG_ALLOC_ORDER is no effect at all. And there are other strange
things. In arm, arg registers are r0-r3, while in our CPU they are r25-r28.
I changed the MACRO FUNCTION_ARG_REGNO_P (REGNO), it's no effect either !!

why? Can someone help me??

Many many thanks!!!

Must be non-zero if REGNO is one of the

> On May 25, 2001, "zhang tao" <> wrote:
> > I found although I changed the MACRO REG_ALLOC_ORDER, there is no
> > effect at all.
> Well, that's the macro you should be changing to modify register
> allocation order.  Perhaps you've got multiple register classes, and
> one is taking precedence because of register preferences in patterns?
> This would prevail over REG_ALLOC_ORDER.
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