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Abnormally large executable with gcc 3.0


  I was trying out gcc 3.0 with the 05/21 snapshot.  I compiled it
with gcc 2.95.2 from Slackware 7.1.  When I re-compiled gcc 3.0 with
gcc 3.0 nothing changed, and so currently I am testing with gcc 3.0
compiled with gcc 3.0.  I'm using an Athlon 750 (slot A) with 128MB
of ram.
  Here is the problem I encounterd, and maybe I'm doing something wrong. I 
compiled a small test "hello world" program for C and C++.  The C version 
was just slightly larger, about 2%.  The C++ version is where the problem 
seems to lie.  The g++ 3.0 compiler produced
executables that were 2x as large or more.  I tried stripping them
in case that would help, but didn't.  I then tried running the
executables and found that the g++ 3.0 compiler produced much slower
code than the g++ 2.95.2 compiler.  If there is something wrong with
the way I was doing something, please let me know.  I don't mind
testing the compilers further in my spare time.  Below I pasted my results 
as well as the test programs.  Also, I was experimenting with something and 
decided to give g++ 3.0 a try.  That uses one template class.  It produced 
code nearly 10x larger and executed over 100x slower.  That code is a bit 
large to paste here so if anyone wants to see just let me know.
#include <iostream>

  std::cout << "Hello world\n";

#include <stdio.h>

  printf("Hello world!\n");

Hello World Results:  (The size of the executable is in bytes).
  Executable size
  11637 helloworld-c-2-opt
   2960 helloworld-c-2-opt-stripped
  11669 helloworld-c-2-std
   2992 helloworld-c-2-std-stripped
  11807 helloworld-c-3-opt
   3108 helloworld-c-3-opt-stripped
  11825 helloworld-c-3-std
   3124 helloworld-c-3-std-stripped
  12885 helloworld-cc-2-opt
   4136 helloworld-cc-2-opt-stripped
  12917 helloworld-cc-2-std
   4168 helloworld-cc-2-std-stripped
  27732 helloworld-cc-3-opt
  14172 helloworld-cc-3-opt-stripped
  38713 helloworld-cc-3-std
  19988 helloworld-cc-3-std-stripped

  std = -O0 -Wall
  opt = -O3 -Wall
  stipped = I ran strip on the executable
  3 = gcc/g++ 3.0
  2 = gcc/g++ 2.95.2

  Execution Time
  helloworld-c-2-opt	0.0020s/0.0001s/0.0000s
  helloworld-c-2-std	0.0021s/0.0001s/0.0000s
  helloworld-c-3-opt	0.0022s/0.0020s/0.0000s
  helloworld-c-3-std	0.0021s/0.0022s/0.0002s
  helloworld-cc-2-opt	0.0055s/0.0040s/0.0002s
  helloworld-cc-2-std	0.0050s/0.0060s/0.0000s
  helloworld-cc-3-opt	0.0112s/0.0080s/0.0020s
  helloworld-cc-3-std	0.0132s/0.0080s/0.0040s

I used the 'time' command from bash to get the execution times
and then just added the extra digit from averaging 5 tests.

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