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GCC 3.0 Prereleases

I have created GCC 3.0 prerelease tarballs.

The purpose of these prereleases is primary to test the packaging
process, not the actual behavior of the compiler.  I do not know
whether the packaging worked *at all*; I have not had a chance to try
to use any of the resulting tarballs to build a compiler.  Certainly,
it would be incredibly foolish to use one of these prereleases to
replace your system compiler, or to use it for anything serious.  We
*know* the compiler is not good enough to release just yet.

As usual, the prereleases are packaged in two ways:

  - As a single tarball in the `gcc-3.0-20010525.tar.gz' file.
    This file contains support for all languages.

  - As multiple tarballs for each of the languages.  You must
    download the `gcc-3.0-core-20010525.tar.gz' file, plus 
    additional files for whatever languages you are interested in.
    If you want Java, you must also bulid C++.

Please download the tarballs and see if they build.  In addition, if
you know about these things (I don't very well!) check to see that the
right generated files are already present in the source

If you spot packaging problems, please *file them in GNATS* with
priority `high'.  Do *not* send them to me by email.  (I am on
vacation, and so will not see them, and when I get home I will have
tons of email to plow through, and your email may get lost.)

If you are a GCC maintainer with global write privileges, or if you
are one of the following people:

  Joseph Meyers
  Alexandre Oliva
  Zack Weinberg

you may (and are encouraged!) to approve patches to the `gcc_release'
script to fix the problems that are reported.  If you wish to
generate a new prerelease, run the release script like this:

  gcc_release -r 3.0 -u <username> all

Here, `username' should be your CVS username on  This
will automatically check out the sources, build the tarballs, and
upload the releases to the FTP directory -- if you can log in as
`gccadmin' on  If you do:

  gcc_release -r 3.0 -u <username> sources tarfiles

you will not attempt to upload the new tarfiles.  You can run this
script on any machine.  (I don't know if there are any Bash or other
GNU/Linux depenendencies in the script, so that might mean "any
GNU/Linu machine".  Portability is not a priority for the release

You've all been wondering *where* the prereleases are, but I wanted
you to read the entire message.  They're at:
Thank you in advance for the testing and fixing I know you will do!

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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