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Link error (__gxx_personality_v0) during libstdc++-v3/configure


in these days I'm testing on my i686-Linux2.4.4-glibc2.2.3 system the
latest official gcc3.0 snapshot (gcc-20010521) .

During libstdc++-v3/configure a few tests fail for a link error and,
among other sad things, the support for the long long type ends up *not*
being activated (it was ok with gcc-20010514)...

The errors are all of this kind (i.e., undefined ref. to


configure:3183: checking for strtoll
configure:3214: /home/paolo/Gcc-Test/gcc-build-20010521/gcc/xgcc
-B/home/paolo/Gcc-Test/gcc-build-20010521/gcc/ -nostdinc++
-B/usr/local/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/lib/ -isystem
/usr/local/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/include -o conftest -g -O2
-fvtable-thunks -D_GNU_SOURCE   conftest.C  1>&5
cc1plus: warning: -fvtable-thunks is no longer supported
/tmp/ccwmt8Jq.o: In function `main':
undefined reference to `__gxx_personality_v0'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
configure: failed program was:
#line 3188 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"
/* System header to define __stub macros and hopefully few prototypes,
    which can conflict with char strtoll(); below.  */
#include <assert.h>
/* Override any gcc2 internal prototype to avoid an error.  */
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"
/* We use char because int might match the return type of a gcc2
    builtin and then its argument prototype would still apply.  */
char strtoll();

int main() {

/* The GNU C library defines this for functions which it implements
    to always fail with ENOSYS.  Some functions are actually named
    something starting with __ and the normal name is an alias.  */
#if defined (__stub_strtoll) || defined (__stub___strtoll)
choke me

; return 0; }


IMHO, the problem has most probably to do with the recent merge-in of
the new exception model (see, f.i.,

Is it already solved in the current CVS tree ??? I'm doing something
wrong ???

Paolo Carlini.

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