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Re: Which automake for libjava?

Zack Weinberg wrote:

> Which !@#$ version of automake am I supposed to be using with libjava?
> 1.4-p1 barfs hundreds of complaints of the form
> automake: not supported: source file `$(srcdir)/$(CONVERT_DIR)/JIS0212.h' is in subdirectory

There is a "GCJ automake" which I've used to rebuild the libjava and libffi Makefiles.

But its probibly easier and works just as well to apply this patch to 1.4-p1:

--- /home/bryce/download/automake-1.4-p1/automake       Wed May 23 17:07:01 2001
+++ /usr/local/bin/automake     Thu May 24 17:35:16 2001
@@ -1078,17 +1078,6 @@
            # Skip things that look like configure substitutions.
            next if /^\@.*\@$/;

-           # We don't support source files in a subdirectory.  The
-           # reason is that we'd want to put the .o into a similar
-           # subdirectory, but this means finding a good way to make
-           # the directory.  Later.
-           if (/\//)
-           {
-               &am_error
-                   ("not supported: source file `$_' is in subdirectory");
-               next;
-           }
            # Split file name into base and extension.
            local ($base, $extension, $linker, $object);
            next if ! /^(.*)\.(.*)$/;

> My patience with automake is very very limited.  If this keeps up I
> *will* rip it out entirely.



  [ bryce ]

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