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Re: Adding files for Ada

<<To what extent do you expect to be able in future to create small
synthetic testcases, that can be contributed, for bugs that are reported
in future in confidential code?

We may be able to do this to some extent (it is work that competes with
everything else going on) and we will try to do it in cases where it
seems worthwhile (sometimes specific tests for fixed bugs are definitely
cases of closing the doors after the cows have fled -- the advantage of
filing customer code is often not the specific bug that was fixed, but
just generally having chunks of real application code).

<<What sort of tests are the ACT-written ones you're contributing?
(Synthetic for customer bugs, tests for ACT found bugs, tests for compiler
features, ...?)

They are mostly systematic tests for new features we have added, e.g.
new library routines, which are of course not tested by the ACATS suite
at all.

<<How long does the Ada compiler bootstrap and run of the public parts of
the Ada testsuite take, compared to bootstrap and testsuite run for the
current CVS GCC?

Well not clear, since we have not put the suite together yet, this is best
answered once we have GNAT up and running in the domain.

<<Will Ada bootstrap and testsuite run become part of the
general regression test requirements for changes elsewhere in the

To be discussed. The fact that you need to install GNAT to do the bootstrap
is a complication, but not necessarily an unmanageable one.

Robert Dewar

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