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Re: Adding files for Ada

On Wed, 23 May 2001 wrote:

> We regard all code submitted by customers a 100% confidential, and we
> guarantee this in a formal contract. We have no plans to ask whether
> such code can be distributed, since we havew guaranteed that it will
> not be. Many of our customers have been very free in providing us with
> source code to go after problems, and we do not wish to jeopardize that
> by even implying that there might be exceptions.
> On the other hand, we have quite a large number of tests that definitely
> can be distributed, since we wrote them. I am gradually supplying
> appropriate GPL headers for these, and transmitting them to Laurent
> Guerby for inclusion in the open test suite.

To what extent do you expect to be able in future to create small
synthetic testcases, that can be contributed, for bugs that are reported
in future in confidential code?

What sort of tests are the ACT-written ones you're contributing?
(Synthetic for customer bugs, tests for ACT found bugs, tests for compiler
features, ...?)

How long does the Ada compiler bootstrap and run of the public parts of
the Ada testsuite take, compared to bootstrap and testsuite run for the
current CVS GCC?  Will Ada bootstrap and testsuite run become part of the
general regression test requirements for changes elsewhere in the

Joseph S. Myers

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