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Re: Adding files for Ada

<<How much of the proprietary code is large real applications, and how much
is smaller pieces of code ACT might be able to get permission to put in
the testsuite?

We regard all code submitted by customers a 100% confidential, and we
guarantee this in a formal contract. We have no plans to ask whether
such code can be distributed, since we havew guaranteed that it will
not be. Many of our customers have been very free in providing us with
source code to go after problems, and we do not wish to jeopardize that
by even implying that there might be exceptions.

On the other hand, we have quite a large number of tests that definitely
can be distributed, since we wrote them. I am gradually supplying 
appropriate GPL headers for these, and transmitting them to Laurent
Guerby for inclusion in the open test suite.

(1st para written with my ACT hat on, but second para mostly with my
gcc maintainer hat on :-)

Of course it is in our interest to have as much testing as possible
in the form of an open test suite, since that way people are less
likely to mess things up, so we share common interests here.

Oh well, back to work on getting those tests out, it's quite a bit of work
going through all the source files, and checking that they are in OK shape
to distribute, but I will try to get through the entire set in the near

Robert Dewar

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