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Re: Adding files for Ada

> The biggest issue is finding out, per test, whether it can be submitted
> or not. Since obviously we cannot permit any mistakes here, don't count on
> a tarball anytime soon.

I was talking about the 0000-xxx tests, IIRC the only issue there is
for ACT to put an appropriate header on them and ship them to me.  I
believe they all were developped by ACT, and it looks like it is what
Richard Kenner says too:

> > There are also some tests written by ACT that can likewise be
> > packaged.
> Robert Dewar sent me a few of those piece by piece by email. It would
> be more practical for me to get the whole thing in a tarball on some
> ftp server (or my ACT customer account).

> Apart from that, the Ada validation suite contains some 2300 executable
> tests and 1300 compile-only tests.

I'm aware of the confidentiality of third-party code in the ACT test
suite since I signed an NDA, and for ACATS testing I wrote the
initital set of ACT scripts so I have a pretty good idea of what it
covers :).

Laurent Guerby <>

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