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Re: Adding files for Ada

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Laurent Guerby wrote:

> I was the one who volunteered.  I wrote a simple script in november
> last year (at the time of the first commit rumours :) to rejuvenile my
> ACATS skills, Joel Sherrill used them to some extent on some RTEMS
> targets but the 2.8.1/GNAT 3.13/RTEMS combo wasn't in a great
> shape. On GNU/Linux results were near perfect.
> I'll rerun the thing with GNAT/GCC 3 when the commit is done, and then
> propose a plan to integrate the tests into the GCC things.

Does this use dejagnu?  A dejagnu-based test harness is clearly to be
preferred, for better integration with the existing testsuites and tools
that use them, working for all the embedded targets dejagnu supports,
etc., though a non-dejagnu one can always be committed and converted to
dejagnu later.

> > Unfortunately, the bulk of the regression suite is proprietary code
> > submitted by ACT's customers.
> I don't know what amount of the regression suite has been submitted by
> non customers but I assume it's not zero. Hopefully non customers
> submission made from now will be available for public testing.

How much of the proprietary code is large real applications, and how much
is smaller pieces of code ACT might be able to get permission to put in
the testsuite?

Joseph S. Myers

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