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Re: Adding files for Ada

Great news!

>     Is a testsuite included in this initial set of files?
> No.  There is somebody who has volunteered to try to repackage the Ada
> validation tests into a format that's compatible with GCC, though.  I
> have no idea what his schedule is.  

I was the one who volunteered.  I wrote a simple script in november
last year (at the time of the first commit rumours :) to rejuvenile my
ACATS skills, Joel Sherrill used them to some extent on some RTEMS
targets but the 2.8.1/GNAT 3.13/RTEMS combo wasn't in a great
shape. On GNU/Linux results were near perfect.

I'll rerun the thing with GNAT/GCC 3 when the commit is done, and then
propose a plan to integrate the tests into the GCC things.

There will probably some choices to make, should we discuss them on, or is it possible/better to set up a list or something? I don't expect a flood of
messages, but may be it's a good idea to avoid adding quite language
specific traffic when GCC 3.0 launch is scheduled (but on the other
hand we'll need some GNATS and DejaGNU expertise out of GCC long


> There are also some tests written by ACT that can likewise be
> packaged.

Robert Dewar sent me a few of those piece by piece by email. It would
be more practical for me to get the whole thing in a tarball on some
ftp server (or my ACT customer account).

> Unfortunately, the bulk of the regression suite is proprietary code
> submitted by ACT's customers.

I don't know what amount of the regression suite has been submitted by
non customers but I assume it's not zero. Hopefully non customers
submission made from now will be available for public testing.

BTW, what is the state of GNAT + GCC 3 vs the ACT testing system?
(At least on GNU/Linux or some other major platform.)

Laurent Guerby <>

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