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Re: Adding files for Ada

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Richard Kenner wrote:

>     Where do the runtime libraries go?  In this subdirectory, or in
>     subdirectories of toplevel (the latter being where other languages
>     place them)?
> They are presently in the same directory as the compiler sources.  There have
> been discussions about splitting off the library, but it has never gotten far
> because I was told it would complicate the release process.  I have no
> opinion on that issue myself.

Hopefully someone involved with moving libobjc etc. out to toplevel in 
EGCS a few years ago can explain the issues and the advantages of having 
libraries at toplevel; I don't remember them.

> I wasn't planning to, but I suppose I can.  There's no a whole lot to add,
> since it basically builds like the rest of GCC with the exception of one more
> "make" to build the library and tools.

A single "make bootstrap" (or, better, a single "make") should suffice to
build all of GCC - including Ada libraries and tools when they are

>     * write an announcement for gcc-announce;
> I don't see why: we're not releasing anything: we're just adding the
> files.  It will be in the GCC 3.1 release and can be mentioned in that
> announcement.

Both Chill and Java were announced to egcs-announce when added to CVS,
even though not included in a GCC releases for many months after then.

Joseph S. Myers

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