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Re: Adding files for Ada

On Wed, 23 May 2001, I wrote:

> Please remember to
> * write an announcement for gcc-announce;
> * add at least one GNATS category to all the necessary places for bug 
> reports for the Ada compiler;
> * update update_web_docs (both in CVS and for gccadmin on to 
> build whatever manual the Ada compiler has, and 
> htdocs/onlinedocs/index.html to link to it.

Some more things that should be done as part of adding GNAT to GCC:

* htdocs/index.html should have its list of languages updated (as well as 
having an announcement put there);

* htdocs/frontends.html should be updated since it is only for 
non-integrated front ends; Ada links should go in readings.html instead;

* MAINTAINERS should have the GNU Ada maintainers listed;

* gcc/contrib.texi should have GNU Ada contributors listed;

* gcc/gcc.texi should be updated, both in the chapter "Compile C, C++, 
Objective C, Fortran, Java or CHILL" and in "Language Standards Supported 
by GCC" (the latter possibly pointing to where the GNU Ada documentation 
describes Ada standards and GNAT's relation to them);

* gcc/invoke.texi should have documentation added for suffixes for Ada 
source files and for whatever -x language options there are for Ada.

(The Java maintainers also need to update invoke.texi to describe Java 
file suffixes.)

Joseph S. Myers

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