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Re: Adding files for Ada

On Tue, 22 May 2001, Richard Kenner wrote:

> There is now a set of files for Ada that seem reasonable to add to the GCC
> tree.  They would be in a separate (ada) subdirectory and no changes to other
> files are needed for them to work.  If a machine does not already have GNAT
> installed, that subdirectory will not be configured in (because it's mostly
> in Ada).
> Both to pick a good date and because I'll be away from tomorrow until May 30,
> I propose adding the files on June 1.
> Are there any objections/issues to doing so?

Could you post a tarball of the exact files you propose to add and give
people a few days to comment on it first?  There are plenty of aspects
people might comment on without needing to know Ada.

Is a testsuite included in this initial set of files?

Where do the runtime libraries go?  In this subdirectory, or in 
subdirectories of toplevel (the latter being where other languages place 

Could all extant old GNAT releases be put up for FTP in

Will you be writing the documentation for doc/install.texi on how to
install the Ada compiler (including as a cross compiler or cross compiling
it to build it for a new target) and what you already need installed to do

Will you be adding GNU Ada web pages to

Will Ada have any new mailing lists on, or just use the 
existing gcc/gcc-bugs/gcc-patches/...?

Please remember to

* write an announcement for gcc-announce;
* add at least one GNATS category to all the necessary places for bug 
reports for the Ada compiler;
* update update_web_docs (both in CVS and for gccadmin on to 
build whatever manual the Ada compiler has, and 
htdocs/onlinedocs/index.html to link to it.

Joseph S. Myers

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