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RE: Problem with gcc 2.95.3 under HP-UX - missing asm directive

> this email goes to as this is the email referenced
> by the web site, from which I have
> downloaded binary distributions of binutils (2.11) and gcc (2.95.3)
> for HP-UX 11.00.
> The "level" directive is missing in the generated .s file; so a
> default level of 1 is assumed by gas, but the code contains some
> level 2 machine code, because this is what we've asked. So the
> assembler balks.

gcc 2.95.x doesn't officially support HP/UX 11. If they built it 'out of the
box', it would assume it's compiling for HP/UX 9 and gcc 2.95.x only emits
level for HP/UX 10. Looking at their source distribution, they've made a few
changes but they didn't fix this.

You can hack in rough HP/UX 11 support by duplicating the "hpux10" case in
gcc/configure and creating config/pa/pa-hpux11.h by appending:

	/* Make GCC agree with types.h.  */
	#undef SIZE_TYPE
	#define SIZE_TYPE "long unsigned int"
	#define PTRDIFF_TYPE "long int"

(stolen from the gcc 3.0 branch) to pa-hpux10.h. I tried this a while ago
and it bootstrapped OK, I think, but I didn't run the testsuite for reasons
that escape me now.

To do a proper job, though, you probably need to edit the threads fragment
for the specs file and half a dozen other things I'm not aware of. You may
well do better to build and use a gcc 3.0 snapshot since I think that's in
pretty good shape for HP/UX 11 now.


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