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Re: GCC 3.0 Status Report

On Tue, 22 May 2001, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> - Was there a good Swedish translation in GCC 2.95?


> - How do we turn off the Swedish translation?

Don't install the file.

> I suspect that it will be too hard to fix the translation system at
> this point, although I don't mind trying, if it's pretty non-invasive.

Well, in november(?) when the discussion was up people were afraid that it
would affect other functions that depend om the locale setting was used in
a critical way in the compiler. Like using atof to parse a number which in
many locales (like swedish) only works of you use , as the separator. So
0.45 would be read in as the number 0 while 0,45 would be read as the
number 0.45. This is a typical error that I've seen (and fixed) in many

I don't know if there really are such cases in gcc, and I don't know if
anybode knows about it. I think as sone as 3.0 is out one should just make
the change and find bugs if there are any. Maybe one could even change now
if there is a big testsuite of programs (you must already have that) so we
can make sure that most (or all) things work.

> If we had a good translation in GCC 2.95 that would be more
> compelling.  Otherwise, I think we need to, as you say, disable the
> translation so that people who speak Swedish are not confused by a
> hodge-podge of Swenglish.

As it is now it's not so bad since no of the strings are shown :-) Only
the helptext from gcc --help is translated.

The swedish translation group is quite big and active. But i'm sure that
as sone as the translationsystem works there will be many more
translations. But no one wants to do a couple of weeks work when it want
be used and were you have to redo it when the next version of gcc comes


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