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> Date: 22 May 2001 05:39:48 -0000
> To: "" <>
> From: "Rajrup Banerjee" <>

> I just want to know how C++ is implemented or rather what are the
> compilation issues, type checking issues, run-time issues in an
> object-oriented language like C++ and how are they handled. I shall
> be thankful to you if you suggest any link or reading material.

If you check out the compiler from cvs, and study it, you can directly
observe how it is implemented.  If you want to know the issues, read
all the past gcc, gcc-bugs and gcc-patches archives, they contain many
issues, and solutions.  After that, read and study all changes to the
compiler, you can find these with the cvs diff command.

In general your question isn't answerable, and the specific would be
like asking, what is the sum total knowledge of man?  Gosh, anyone
could give two or three facts, but those two or three facts will not
give a complete picture.

Because it is urgent, I assume your homework is due soon.  We are the
wrong place to obtain answers to homework problems.  If it isn't a
homework problem, lastly, I would recommend a 4 year degree in
Computer Science, specializing in compilers.

Hope this helps some, sorry for not being able to do a brain dump.

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