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Re: Wrong dynamic-linker used on Solaris 7/x86

On May 21, 2001, "H . J . Lu" <> wrote:

> On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 07:50:05AM +0100, Philip Blundell wrote:
>> >When we fixed gcc/binutils a few years ago, "gcc -v" no longer worked
>> >under Linux due to the assembler change. We fixed gcc and patched the
>> >specs file for the existing gcc. What is wrong with that? I doubt there
>> >are more Solaris/x86 using gcc today than Linux/x86 5 years ago.
>> Well, it's a slightly different situation: Solaris has a vendor-provided 
>> linker, and if we want GNU ld to be a drop-in replacement for that linker it 
>> has to use the same defaults.  Especially as Solaris ld doesn't apparently 
>> accept the `--dynamic-linker' option, and GNU ld doesn't currently accept -I.

> Then add -I to ld. We had the similar problem with as when we moved
> to ELF.

This still won't make GNU ld a drop-in replacement for Solaris ld.
And it won't help GCC work better with older versions of GNU ld that
don't support it yet.

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