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Re: GCC 3.0 Status Report

On Mon, 21 May 2001, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> There are 25 days until the release of GCC 3.0.

This means that there probably won't be a swedish translation even though
there are people in the swedish translation team that wants to do it. The
translationssystem is broken in gcc, and I don't understand enough of the
internals of gcc to fix it. One must not break something else that depends
on functions that are affected by the locale. These things should be fixed
there instead.

I suggest that the first thing to do after 3.0 is to fix this and then if
it breaks something else (that for example use atof, since that is
dependent of the locale) we havet to fix that there.

As gcc is now there is half a swedish translation checked in (6-8 months
old) that is basicly just used when on do gcc --help since every
translated string in the tools used by gcc is not shown.

Maybe one should disable this swedish output as well since the rest is in
english, or I should make sure that at least all the output from gcc
--help is in swedish (some strings have changed since I did the

I don't want to ship a gcc with a _very_ broken translation to swedish.
Better to not have a translation at all then.

If the translation system is fixed there is still time for us to fix the
strings, but since I don't understand all of gcc internals I don't know if
it's possible to fix now (probably not).


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