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Re: GCC 3.0 Status Report

Mark Mitchell <> writes:

> Please work on documentation for the release.  Are there caveats, news
> items, etc. that people should no about?  Are there undocumented
> command-line options for your target?  Are there people who should be
> thanked for their contributions?  Please collect such information and
> send it to our documentation mainatiner: Gerald Pfeifer
> <>.  (Gerald, if you would like to handle the
> collection of this information in a different way, please feel free to
> make an alternate announcement.)  And Gerald, please add yourself to
> the thank-you list for doing a fabulous job as the documentation
> maintainer!

Well, if you want the structure, order, and description of the passes, and the documentation
about how it works to be correct, you'll need to apply the patches I
sent for that part of the docs. However, that's more for people who
care about what it's doing internally, of course.

If there is some other part in dire need of updating or more docs, i'm more than
happy to make a go at it so it gets done for the release.

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