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RE: Defining __powerpc__ in rs6000.h

I just changed gcconfig.h in my tree to test for either powerpc or
__powerpc__ under Linux.  I'm happy to remove the first test if someone
tells me that it's never needed.

I second Fergus' statement:  The garbage collector can't entirely play by
ANSI C rules.  However, I would like to remove spurious problems such as


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Fergus Henderson []
> On 20-May-2001, David Edelsohn <> wrote:
> > 	It sounds like the Boehm GC is not as pedantically ISO 
> C clean (or
> > whatever the relevant standard is).  It should be using 
> __powerpc__.  As
> > Boehm is cooperating with GCC, we should work with the developers to
> > correct this.
> I agree that it would be good to change the Boehm GC to use 
> `__powerpc__'
> and the like, so that it works correctly when compiled by GCC 
> in strict
> ISO C mode.  However, I think GCC should continue to define `powerpc'
> when `-ansi' is not specified, at least for a considerable transition
> period, so that old versions of the Boehm GC and other software which
> depends on this will continue to compile correctly.
> Note that the Boehm GC will never be strictly conforming ISO 
> C89 / C99,
> even if the code is changed to use `__powerpc__' instead of `powerpc'.
> It inherently relies on the use of operations which have undefined
> behaviour in ISO C.

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