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Re: commitinfo script to check policy, issue warnings (and/orabort commit)

>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

    Alexandre> On May 18, 2001, Loren James Rittle
    Alexandre> <> wrote:

    >> Informing the user they have 30 seconds to abort and then
    >> sleeping for 30 seconds does not work!  If the user aborts, the
    >> abort is captured by the local client and then 30 seconds after
    >> the procedure started, the server proceeds to commit the
    >> change.

    Alexandre> :-(

Gentlemen --

  In my opinion, we are working too hard to enforce this policy,
through what are probably relatively frail means.  I think
notification is good enough.  There are lots of other aspects of our
coding standards that are more important (like that functions have
comments, or that code be tested before check-in) that we rely
entirely on the honor system for.

  If we're going to be in the business of writing complex scripts to
check things on check-in, I'd rather we be writing the
documentation-checker.  I'm not joking actually -- use javadoc style
comments, maybe, and then make sure they're present.

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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