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Re: RFA: Examine PR2758

Mark Mitchell <> writes:

> >>>>> "Falk" == Falk Hueffner <> writes:
>     Falk> I have an alphaev56-unknown-linux. The code segfaults with
>     Falk> 3.0 20010426 (Debian prerelease). Today's CVS gives a
>     Falk> bootstrap comparison failure, so I couldn't try. I'll also
>     Falk> try the 3.0 branch.
> Please do; that matters more at the moment.

Unfortunately, I can also reproduce it with gcc version 3.0 20010519
(i. e., today's 3.0 branch.).

>     Falk> I have stripped the code down a bit, because I suspected a
>     Falk> bug in the code, but I couldn't find one. I've attached the
>     Falk> stripped version.  Interestingly, for the stripped version,
>     Falk> adding -finline-functions doesn't help anymore.
> Thank you.
> There's an important bug in this area that Nathan Sidwell has assigned
> to himself (with the note "working on a patch") -- I'm hoping that
> Nathan's fix will fix this bug too.  

OK, I'll watch it.

> If not, someone is going to have to give me an account on an alpha
> box.

If nobody else offers something, I could give out an acoount for my
box, but it is not always up, since it is my private box, so this
would require extra coordination.


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