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More Athlon Questions

1. Does any version of GCC recognize the Athlon processor and make any
attempt to optimize code for it?

2. Can a GCC user code for the Athlon, or indeed any architecture, in

3. A few weeks ago, I saw an Athlon - GCC project somewhere on the web, but
it seemed to have withered away over a year ago for lack of volunteers. Do
you know if this is the case? I unfortunately don't have much time to do
anything other than testing, but so far, of all the software I've
downloaded, only ATLAS seems to recognize the fact that I have an Athlon and
me Athlon-based optimizations.

4. The "/usr/src/redhat/RPMS" directory contains an "athlon" sub-directory
for binary RPMs. Do you know if this is "reserved for future use", or is
there actually a way I can get the existing RPM and associated mechanisms to
make me an Athlon-specific binary RPM? IIRC "man -k Athlon" returns zip. I'm
going to post this question as a Red Hat support ticket while I still have
my 60 days of support from my 7.1 Deluxe Workstation purchase.
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky, Chief Scientist, Borasky Research

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