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Volunteering for GCC 3.0 testing

I want to volunteer for testing GCC 3.0. I just got a system consisting of
the following:

1.333 GHz Athlon Thunderbird
512 MB RAM
ELSA GLADIAC video card
Midiman Delta 66 sound card
40 GB hard drive, CD-RW and DVD

Software: right now I'm running stock Red Hat 7.1. I signed up for the
Microsoft Windows XP Preview program and will be dual booting RH 7.1 with
Windows XP Professional RC1 when I get the CD. In all likelihood I will
*not* go to RC2 because it is only available for download (5 hours on DSL
and I have a 24K connection :-). I am working with the ATLAS linear algebra
library (performance-tuned beyond LAPACK), the FFTW Fast Fourier Transform
package, the ALSA Linux sound package, sfront, XFree86 and the R statistical
package. I will probably also work with SciLab and Octave, but I haven't
done as much with them yet as the other packages. And of course I intend to
speed tune all of this for the Athlon architecture. Most of these have built
in sanity checks, and the ones that are speed-tuned have built-in benchmarks
as well.

The other thing I want to test is GCC running on Linux systems as a
cross-development platform for Windows (Win32) and Compaq Tru64 systems. I
can download beta versions of all the above-mentioned software. What's the
best way to get a GCC 3.0 to test with? Should I just download 2.97 and test
with that?
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky, Chief Scientist, Borasky Research

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