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Re: Defining __powerpc__ in rs6000.h

On Fri, May 18, 2001 at 04:32:40PM -0400, David Edelsohn wrote:
> 	The AIX compilers do not introduce any macro definitions like
> __powerpc__ into the namespace, so GCC should not polute the namespace on
> AIX. 

Ummm, since the names with two leading underscores are already in the domain of
reserved to the compiler, library, etc. vendor, I would hesitate to use the
phrase "pollute the namespace", since they do not pollute the user's namespace.
Whether or not such names should be used is a different question.

> 	However, CPP_CPU_SPEC and ASM_CPU_SPEC in rs6000.h clearly are
> further hold-overs from AIX support.  I have no objection to moving those
> definitions to aix.h as overrides and defining a more standard set in
> rs6000.h.  I suspect the AIX macro definitions need to remain for backward
> compatibility, but Franz and Geoff are the ones with more experience in
> that area.  Adding __powerpc__ or __ppc__ to the non-AIX case would be
> fine with me.
> 	There are many more things that should move from rs6000.h to
> aix.h.  And because of the forthcoming 64-bit PowerPC SVR4/ELF ABI which
> is based on the AIX 64-bit PowerPC ABI, xcoff.h eventually will be split
> out from aix.h.
> David

Michael Meissner, Red Hat, Inc.  (GCC group)
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