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Re: commitinfo script to check policy, issue warnings (and/or abortcommit)

In <>,
"Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:

> I suggest simply using "$@".


> Could the script also give a warning if someone commits through the
> old "egcs" link rather than the "gcc" directory?

I had thought of this issue briefly.  In fact, whomever does final
deployment would have to fix these sample paths (taken from a header
comment in the last posted version of the script):

/cvs/gcc/boehm-gc check-gcc-commit
/cvs/gcc/fastjar check-gcc-commit
/cvs/gcc/.* true
/cvs/gcc check-gcc-commit

At the very least, I sort of knew that each line had to expand into
two pieces:

/cvs/gcc/gcc/.* true
/cvs/gcc/egcs/.* true

The script itself only gets a relative path within the module/
directory not the name it was called though.

The obvious way to encode this is:

/cvs/gcc/gcc check-gcc-commit
/cvs/gcc/egcs check-gcc-commit-nix-egcs-wrapper

where check-gcc-commit-nix-egcs-wrapper is (something like):


check-gcc-commit "$@" || exit 1
echo WARNING: Please update your tree to change s/egcs/gcc/ in all
echo WARNING: CVS/Repository files.  See contrib/newcvsroot for a way
echo WARNING: to avoid having to checkout an entirely new tree.
exit 0 # At some point change this to a 1

> I'd like to see these residual egcs references go away more from
> gcc-cvs.  The script contrib/newcvsroot allows someone to convert
> easily.

Sounds good.  Haven't people been given more than long enough to
convert their trees over to the new name?  (However, I note that I'm
one to talk, since 3 out of 4 of my working trees all point to egcs
and not gcc.)

Given the wide availability of the conversion script (everyone with a
checked out tree has a copy), I don't see why the nix-egcs wrapper
should not be installed along that outdated name's path.

Thanks for raising this issue.


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