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Re: String.h

> From: "Alex Arulanthu" <>
> To:
> Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 18:16:56 -0700

> I wrote yesterday:
> > My program is not able to include String.h.. Any ideas why this is
> > happening?

> Thanks Mark, Mike, Carlo and Robert for the responses.

> Unfortuantely, I still have nt figured out why my g++ is not putting
> /usr/local/lib/g++-include in the include dirs.

Let me try again.  That directory cannot be used by your compiler.
There is no amount of forcing that can possible make it work, you must
not try, it cannot be done.

If you must use String.h, you must find and install a package called
libg++.  Last I knew, HJ Lu had played with it, but I thought he had
passed it to yet another person, but I cannot recall who.  The libg++
package doesn't have the amount of maintenance and fixing that it once
had.  Searching the FAQ stuff for libg++, I found:

And from there, I found:

This appears to be the latest I can find.  Someone might have a cvs of
an up-to-date one, though I don't know where it is.

My recommendation was, to employ a process called software porting and
maintenance, and port the software up to newer libraries and remove
the reliance of your software on libg++.  Overtime, finding it and
using it will probably only become harder.

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