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Re: commitinfo script to check policy, issue warnings (and/or abort commit)

In article <>, Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

> On May 14, 2001, Loren James Rittle <> wrote:
>> for i in `basename $1`; do case $i in

> basename is not portable.  I suggest `echo "$1" | sed 's,.*/,,'' instead.

OK.  Even though the code only runs on Red Hat servers - changed.

> I heard Hans wanted the GCC CVS tree to become the official repository
> of boehm-gc.  I'm not sure this is already official.

OK.  I think we can change the script as the situation is reported in

>> if (exit $message_emitted); then
>> echo "WARNING: See for details."
>> fi

> I don't think we should prevent commits, but if check-ins can be
> aborted at this time with ^C, I suggest telling the user so and giving
> him/her like 30 seconds to decide whether to break the convention or
> not.

This stuck me as a good idea.  I have studied this issue a bit.
Informing the user they have 30 seconds to abort and then sleeping for
30 seconds does not work!  If the user aborts, the abort is captured
by the local client and then 30 seconds after the procedure started,
the server proceeds to commit the change.

I also investigated halting the commitinfo script with a read.  As
expected, there is no pipe back to the CVS client.

It looks like a passive warning system is the best I can do with
available resources.


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