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Re: GCC 3.0 Status - Fortran.

Tim Prince wrote:

> I wrote:

> > Recently, I learn[ed] that Boeing installed an
> > MSC cluster running NASTRAN for doing large scale Computational 
> > Fluid Dynamics calculations.

> MSC does support the best known version of NASTRAN, but with Intel
> Fortran on the relevant architectures, according to what I heard.  

Hmm, yes, but as far as I can see the Intel Linux compilers are only in
public field test (beta) at the moment.  See

Would MSC use a beta compiler for such a project ?

[ They aren't very "open" about which compilers they use anyway -
  but they do ship gcc/g77-2.95.2 with their version of Linux ]

> They have worked also on linux clusters for CFD, which are likely 
> to be configured differently from those for NASTRAN, which is 
> primarily a stress analysis system.

Oops, I probably got confused by their press release, which talked about
NASTRAN and CFD, but indeed, not in the same paragraph :-)

> Linux clusters of up to 32 processor pairs running MPI for CFD are 
> fairly common and aren't even in the price class of many web 
> server installations.

Well, the press release doesn't say anything about the number of CPU's
in the cluster, so we can only guess ....


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