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Re: problem with virtual functions

Here is the class definition:

#ifdef __GNUG__
#pragma interface

class StateFile;
class Interface;
class ostream;

class GTracker {
  virtual ~GTracker() ;

  virtual void set_state(StateFile& statefile, Interface *interface) ;
  virtual void write_state(ostream& s) ;

  virtual void set_defaults() ;

  virtual void reset() ;

  virtual void step_once(int field, int nfields) ;

  virtual void display() ;

I use this class as pure virtual.
Still, I have defined function bodies for each function in a seperate cc-file.
The constructor and destructor bodies are both empty,  the other functions cout the string "not implemented".

Alexandre Oliva wrote:

On May 17, 2001, wrote:

> Wouldn't the compiler refer explicitely to the undefined method, if something
> like that happens?

It would refer to it in the virtual table, but the virtual table
didn't get defined because of that.

Care to post the definition of class GTracker?

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