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Re: visual studio compatibility


On Sun, 13 May 2001, Pavel Kuznetsov wrote:
> So, me and my father are working on some kind of gcc binary compatibility
> layer with visual studio. Among other this includes
> - structures packing
> - debug information format
> - etc.
> We are quite confident about our perspectives /we already had done it
> once/. Optimistic estimate is about one-two months.

   As I'm working on Winelib, i.e. recompiling windows programs on Unix
using Wine, I'm quite interested in your project.
   What did you mean by 'structure packing'? Did you mean support for
the 'pragma pack' directive or support for 8 byte alignement?
   Also what is the 'big picture'? For example if you generate VC++
style debug information how will you use it on Linux? Is there a
debugger that can handle it? Or do you plan to also generate the
librairies and executables in the PE format for use on Windows? How do
you position your project wrt. mingw / Wine / the regular Unix

Francois Gouget
        War doesn't determine who's right.  War determines who's left.

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