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Re: GCC 3.0 Status Report

> Whoever does this may also want to merge it with the snapshot script.  
> (Which has a few different requirements - e.g. the generated files go in
> releases only, but not snapshots.)  It would be useful if the script has
> the capability to produce diffs from more than one previous version -
> since e.g. 3.0 ought to have diffs both from 2.95 (of limited value given
> their size, but this has been done before - and someone ought to read the
> diffs to find omissions from the release notes) and from 3.0-pre2 (or
> whatever).

Diffs from 2.95 are likely to be extremely large: for a diff to remove
a library it has to include it verbatim, similarly to add one.  This means
the diff has to include all of the 2.95.x libchill, libio, libstdc++, and
all of gcc/ch to delete that, plus all of libstdc++, java, and libjava to
add that, on top of all the other differences.  In the end, the diff is
going to be almost as big as the distribution, meaning that it's not

However, we do package a C-only subset (gcc-core-xxxx.tar.gz); for that,
the diff from 2.95.3 might be worth having.

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