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Re: commitinfo script to check policy, issue warnings (and/or abortcommit)

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Loren James Rittle wrote:
> If we want to force people to use `cvs import' to bring libtool into
> our source tree (i.e. prevent_commit=0), then this documentation
> should appear in
> Here is a correct way to use CVS vendor branches with the import
> policy rules for libtool (this example for libtool only, but
> config.guess, etc should be similar):
> 1. Create an empty directory (i.e. do not work in a checked-out CVS
>    working tree).  Populate it with upgraded libtool files taken from
>    the master repository on
> 2. Run: cvs import /cvs/gcc SUBVERSION LIBTOOL_RELEASE_NUMBER
>    within the directory populated in step 1.
> 3. Ignore any merge warnings the first time this is done.
> 4. Run: cvs admin -bSUBVERSION ltconfig libtool.m4 ltcf-*.sh
>    at the top level of a checked-out CVS working tree.

Well, as far as I understood, we don't want to absolutely enforce this
rule, but strongly recommend it, so it would make sense to add such a
note to codingconventions.html anyway, wouldn't it? Alexandre?

(If Alexandre agrees, I'd say just go ahead and change the web page
according to your proposal. Thanks!)


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